Fishing Reel Maintenance Oil


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Bearing Lubricant
Blended from the highest quality synthetic base oils, the Bearing Lubricant creates a low coefficient of friction with superior lubrication flow, which increases baitcast spool mainshaft bearing performance for longer more accurate casts.
The multiple additives to ensure your reel is providing peak performance and maximum casting distance.

High viscosity Grease
The Reel Grease features a temperature resistant formulation with special extreme pressure additives engineered to deliver dependable lubrication and corrosion resistance.
Suitable for harsh environments such as sea fishing and boat fishing.

Low viscosity Grease
The low-viscosity lubricants in the Reel Grease will help maintain that new feeling in the drags on all your reels.
You won’t get the sharp jerk and the line will run out smoothly so you can fine tune your drag settings to match any line you’re using.

Capacity: 20ml oil+20ml grease

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