Topline Spinning Fishing Reel


Topline Spinning Fishing Reel


• Max Drag of 21KG :The Topline Spinning Fishing Reel can handle even the toughest fish with its maximum drag of 21KG.

• Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel :The pre-loading spinning wheel design ensures smooth and easy casting, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers.

• Quality Fishing Coil :The Topline Spinning Fishing Reel comes with a high-quality fishing coil that is durable and long-lasting, ensuring you get the most out of your fishing experience.

• Front Brake System :The front brake system on the Topline Spinning Fishing Reel provides extra control and stability, allowing you to land more fish with ease.

1 – The DR is a front unloading force spinner, used worldwide, and this colour and configuration combination is popular with customers.

2 – The actual bearing is 3BB, no single bearing

3-DR high end light silver painted, two colour aluminium reels, honeycomb spool

4-CNC metal rocker handle

5-Maximum pull: 5kg-6kg-7kg-8kg-9kg-10kg


1, fishing boats are generally marked with the amount of line entanglement, the line can not be too full, otherwise it is easy to jump line.

2. When casting the pole, pay attention to avoid people and objects around to ensure that the fishing hook will not hang to the obstacle when casting the pole.

3. Do not be impatient and nervous when frying the line. You can remove the fishing wheel and slowly straighten out the fishing line and then reinstall it.


DR2000, DR3000, DR4000, DR5000, DR6000, DR7000

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