Yellow DuckFish Lure Lock Belt


10 Snaps Fishing Lock Buckle With Fly Reel Yellow Duck Stainless Steel Chain Stringer With Float Live Fish Lure Lock Belt



Stainless steel material with top quality, corrosion resistant and durable to use.


with foam fish float, convenient to raise the fish.


Steel lanyard, long enough to tie off and still keep the fish in the water leaving the stay alive and fresh much longer.


This tool set solves the problems of implementing fishing in ship or shoreside which often make fish die.


Use fishing hook firmly with the fish gills after catching fish, and then the fish in water, the fish will not die.


applicable to pike, bass, bass, etc.




Material: stainless steel & steel


Snap quantity: 10


Size: Large snap: 14.5cm Small snap: 9cm


Lanyard length:4.7m




Blue 14.5cm, Red 14.5cm, Gold 14.5cm

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